Painting the interior of your house can become a challenging task as deciding the right colors in itself consumes a lot of time. As painting contractors in the UAE, we have prepared tips for selecting the right paint color. Our suggestions will ensure that the house painting will be everything that you dreamed of and much more!

Find the Best Existing Piece

Find an exquisite piece that you really love.

It could be anything – bed linen, floral design or even any natural woodwork. This could be the jumping point of your wall painting.

The next step is to analyze that which color will complement this design the most? Do you see anything that would work as a contrast? Anything that you could match it with? What else could possibly highlight the best characteristics of the color that you have selected?

You will come up with numerous shades to work with. If it is a new house then look for an inspirational design online or in magazines and so on.

Make the Most of Color Wheel

A color wheel is a popular basic tool to analyze which color would complement or contrast best with each other. Every painting contractor has a bunch of color wheels so don’t forget to get hold of its copy! It is a great way of assessing if any color clashes with the other or not.

Do not skip this step even if you are getting painting services for a casual makeover. It will help in avoiding mistakes and finding classy options. 

If in Doubt – Choose Neutral Shades

Neutral shades have the most calming effect for indoor paint colors as they have a soothing appearance. They help in drawing the attention to other major props in the house like the wooden flooring or the furniture, murals, vase and so on.

Neutral shades enhance the presence and appearance of other items without drawing attention to them. Commonly used neutral shades are grays, creamy shades and soft whites.

Natural lighting works best in neutral colors. Ask for pictures of interiors with neutral colors from the painting company that you have hired.

Go for Easy Monochromatic Options

Monochromatic color palettes are widely used for interior house painting.

A single color is selected for a room and its multiple shades are used on each wall to create an artistic effect. Combinations of dark and light shades of the same color are used.

Dark colors can be used for areas that are exposed to a lot of light and the lighter shades can be applied on dark corners of the room. Such wall painting ensures that everything matches in a harmonious and stylish manner.

Overload of Colors

Never opt for multiple different colors otherwise they will become distracting and will end up stealing the thunder of your furniture. The use of numerous colors results in creating a cluttered and overwhelming appearance that becomes downright unpleasant to look at.

So stick to two or three colors at most for a particular room otherwise the painting services you booked will be of no use at all.

There are a lot of painting companies in the UAE that you could consult for your painting project. We urge our readers to visit us for a free consultation during normal business hours. We look forward to meeting you soon!