Are you looking for a relieving massage in Jumeriah?

Massage services at Dubai Water Spa create refreshing experiences in no time!

Our customers are of the view that our full body massage in Jumeriah is nothing less than an exotic mini-vacation!

Some of the key features of our services have been mentioned below to help you in making up your mind regarding booking a massage service.


The most important aspect of our services is – Hygiene.

We keep our center neat and clean. Our massage therapists will wash their hands right in front of you just so that you feel relaxed about getting a service free of germs.

Certain disposable items are opened in front of the customers and are also disposed of right after use. This practice assures our customers that we do not reuse disposable items just for the sake of saving cost.

In short, hygiene is not compromised under any circumstances. Even the massage tables are wiped clean with disinfectant right after one use. That’s how much we care about giving hygienic services.


We mostly use organic products to get the best results. On rare occasions, we use processed products and this only happens on a customer’s request.

At times, customers bring their products and doctor’s prescriptions about using certain medicated cream or oil only. In such situations, our staff then only uses the product prescribed by the doctor for the well-being of our clients.

Organic products are sourced from different countries and they are bought directly from the manufacturers. This helps in ensuring that the products are genuine and of top-notch quality. Organic products work best for all skin types and they do not create any allergic reaction.

Our team decides the right product to use after conducting a skin test sample which highlights the type of skin and then suitable organic products are used according to test results.


All the therapists at Dubai Water Spa have decades of experience in the native countries of the origin of the spa type.

For instance, Thai massages are only conducted by those therapists who had been working in Thailand for decades. The loaded experience ensures that the clients get the best service experience. Similarly, Turkish massages are also conducted by those therapists who had been working in Turkey for numerous years.

In this way, Dubai Water Spa creates massage experiences next to the services found in the native countries of the massage category.

Relieve Stress

Full body massage in Jumeriah is a popular massage service for relieving stress. Customers forgo stress when they visit us and we take care of them so that they may strike a vigorous balance between their body, mind, and soul.

Massage in Jumeriah manipulates the deep superficial layers of muscles through different methods to improve functionality, speeding the healing process and, promoting relaxation and well-being.

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