How to plan your Social Media Video Production?

How to plan your Social Media Video Production?

You’re ready to produce your social media video. The deadline is approaching and it’s time to plan your shoot. A pen, notepad, and keen memory won’t cut it. You’re a professional — that means you need the best tools to manage the video production process as Video Mantra does.

With so many elements, keeping tabs on people and tasks is the name of the game. If you want to know how to plan a social media video production in Dubai that’ll deliver the goods, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’ll walk you through every step. By the end of this article, you’ll be an expert in the video production process.

Develop Your Master Plan

There are different ways to start planning your social media video production in Dubai. It’s so you or any member of your team won’t miss a step. Whether you’re making a film, television show, digital video, or — as we highlight here — a social media video, you need to organize.

That means starting at the beginning and setting up all your video production process steps. Who does what? When is it due?

When you form your master plan, you’ll need to envision and construct the workflow that will ultimately deliver your video. This means you’ll want to come up with the most efficient way to do everything.


Lack of clarity complicates projects. Clearly assign and explain tasks in your calendar. That way, instead of diving into an assignment with no direction, members of your production team can thoroughly grasp each step involved in a project.

What are the three main stages of video production? Broadly speaking, they’re pre-production, production, and post-production. Make sure to schedule each stage, end-to-end.

This process permits team members to better define the overall scope and objective of the production.


The critical path is the longest sequence of activities that must be finished for a project to meet its due date.

A project manager can identify the most important tasks of the social media video production process through the critical path. This is vital because if just one task in the critical path is incomplete, it can delay the entire project.

Once you have determined the critical path, you can properly assess the time frames of each task.


A production can quickly descend into chaos if you’re not careful. With hundreds of tasks to manage and keep track of, it’s easy for a team to lose focus.

Any means to clarify tasks, even daily, is necessary to keep your team up-to-date and on target. New information will come your way fast and hard. Keep up with the changes, and make sure everyone else does as well.

Once you’ve considered your plan and your path, it’s time to get to work.

Standard project management tools like Asana and Trello took planning a step forward, but their use is limited for video productions.

Then something happened: project management joined forces with the video production pipeline.

Now, you can manage every step in the video production process from end-to-end in the same place. No documents, calendars, contacts, and call sheets floating around aimlessly — it’s all centralized, at your team’s fingertips, ready to update and on an immediate sharing basis like Video Mantra does.

5 Benefits of Marketing Video Production

5 Benefits of Marketing Video Production

With organizations utilizing a full cluster of showcasing tools, it tends to be difficult to tell which course is best for your organization. Here are only five advantages of marketing video production in Dubai and how this advertising tool can keep your business flourish.

Enhanced traffic

One of the primary advantages of utilizing marketing video production is to expand traffic. With video being answerable for 66% of traffic on the web, it is a higher priority than at any other time to incorporate corporate video generation into your advertising plans. On the off chance that you are not previously utilizing corporate video creation, you are missing out on an immense measure of potential customer traffic. The more traffic that visits your page, the more deals you are probably going to get.

Video sharing

When you have distributed video content on your business page, anything is possible for you with regards to producing traffic and new contacts for your organization. Posting your recordings on well-known long range informal communication stages like Facebook or YouTube can be an extraordinary method for pulling in new clients and customers to your image. The more individuals who share your recordings, the more prominent the scope of potential contacts seeing and drawing in with your business will be.

Better SEO positioning

Another advantage of utilizing marketing video production is that your business will appear more in web search tools over individuals who don’t. With numerous clients and customers using Google for their online research, they are bound to discover your page first over contenders. Guarantee that you distribute standard recordings on your site to guarantee that your page is one of the first results. Additionally, inquiring about rivals in comparable fields can assist you with remaining one stage on the ball. There are numerous ways that you can improve your SEO positioning.

Creating brand awareness

The messages you depict in your video content should be educational, drawing in, and eye-getting to all buyers. Another advantage of adding marketing video production in Dubai to your business is to make and upgrade your image mindfulness. Visuals can have the universe of effect and keep watchers snared all through as opposed to filtering through perusing enormous amounts of content. It would help if you left a noteworthy impression, so guarantee your content is speaking to your objective segment.

Unlimited potential outcomes

One of the principal reasons why organizations decide to utilize marketing video production is because the potential outcomes are inestimable. Making and delivering your recordings ought to be an enjoyable experience, permitting you to let your creative energies stream. If you are in Dubai, investigate enlisting a Dubai video producer like Video Mantra, as you might have the option to get tips and ideas on the best way to make quality content for your business. Regardless of what style you decide to go about it, guarantee that the recordings you make are instructive, fun, and reasonable for your clients and customer base.

With the utilization of corporate video generation assisting with expanding traffic to your page, improve your SEO positioning, just as making brand awareness. It is obvious to perceive any reason why such vast numbers of organizations choose to consolidate video creation into their promoting technique with the help of Video Mantra.