Do You Need a Break from Your Hectic Routine?

Do You Need a Break from Your Hectic Routine?

Are you looking for a relieving massage in Jumeriah?

Massage services at Dubai Water Spa create refreshing experiences in no time!

Our customers are of the view that our full body massage in Jumeriah is nothing less than an exotic mini-vacation!

Some of the key features of our services have been mentioned below to help you in making up your mind regarding booking a massage service.


The most important aspect of our services is – Hygiene.

We keep our center neat and clean. Our massage therapists will wash their hands right in front of you just so that you feel relaxed about getting a service free of germs.

Certain disposable items are opened in front of the customers and are also disposed of right after use. This practice assures our customers that we do not reuse disposable items just for the sake of saving cost.

In short, hygiene is not compromised under any circumstances. Even the massage tables are wiped clean with disinfectant right after one use. That’s how much we care about giving hygienic services.


We mostly use organic products to get the best results. On rare occasions, we use processed products and this only happens on a customer’s request.

At times, customers bring their products and doctor’s prescriptions about using certain medicated cream or oil only. In such situations, our staff then only uses the product prescribed by the doctor for the well-being of our clients.

Organic products are sourced from different countries and they are bought directly from the manufacturers. This helps in ensuring that the products are genuine and of top-notch quality. Organic products work best for all skin types and they do not create any allergic reaction.

Our team decides the right product to use after conducting a skin test sample which highlights the type of skin and then suitable organic products are used according to test results.


All the therapists at Dubai Water Spa have decades of experience in the native countries of the origin of the spa type.

For instance, Thai massages are only conducted by those therapists who had been working in Thailand for decades. The loaded experience ensures that the clients get the best service experience. Similarly, Turkish massages are also conducted by those therapists who had been working in Turkey for numerous years.

In this way, Dubai Water Spa creates massage experiences next to the services found in the native countries of the massage category.

Relieve Stress

Full body massage in Jumeriah is a popular massage service for relieving stress. Customers forgo stress when they visit us and we take care of them so that they may strike a vigorous balance between their body, mind, and soul.

Massage in Jumeriah manipulates the deep superficial layers of muscles through different methods to improve functionality, speeding the healing process and, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Contact Us

Book your next massage service with Dubai Water Spa and we guarantee a smooth relaxing experience. Right after fist service, you will become a loyal client because that’s how all our clients return to us for getting the best massage services in Jumeriah.

Guide for Rental Equipment in Dubai, UAE

Guide for Rental Equipment in Dubai, UAE

Heavy equipment rental has become a norm in UAE.

Generators for hire are easily available and the rental process is also smooth and convenient for customers.

Latest Generators & Construction Equipment

The key benefit of getting generators for hire is that companies always use generators equipped with latest technological advances. The sole purpose is to use equipment with built-in cost-effective power generation like producing reliable and clean power supply with minimal diesel consumption. This helps in using minimal natural resources while cutting costs at the same time. Furthermore, companies supply accessories with generators hire like load banks, distribution panels, bulk fuel tanks, transformers, change over panels and Multi MV/Voltage Synchronized Units for the convenience of the customers.

Other than generators, even construction equipment rental in Dubai is available. While companies aim to provide high-quality equipment solutions for our customer’s needs for business or domestic purposes at the lowest price possible. In this way, generators and construction equipment are easily accessible and together we can build a better future for generations to come in the UAE.

Benefit of Technical Expertise

You will need technical expertise to select a generator which would meet your power requirement along with the hassle of installing it. If you are looking for generators or construction equipment – then look for different available options in market before finalizing the company from which you wish to hire. The best company will have numerous testimonials which act as an evidence for the outstanding team of technicians.

QER’s technical team is equipped with experience and adequate trainings. They will ensure that all your power woes are handled smoothly without any power interruption during your work. Construction equipment is also available for rental purposes throughout UAE; thus, you could consider hiring equipment from QER.

Rental Equipment – Pocket Friendly Option

Caterpillar Soundproof Diesel-Powered generators do not come cheap. Therefore, getting generators on rent through QER is a win-win situation. This is because you can get the benefits of the diesel generator and construction equipment at a fraction price. Spending a lot on purchasing a generator for a single event or purchasing a lot of construction equipment for a solo project is not a sensible option. This is because a generator needs regular maintenance and if it is not maintained on regular basis, it may end up rusting as opposed to a generator which is used often. Moreover, there is a huge risk of losing capital value because the introduction of a new model of a generator with enhanced features will kill the market value of your generator. In short, getting generators has been made easier by QER.

Hiring Equipment from QER

QER is based in UAE and provides equipment like generators for rental purposes. The QER clientele ranges from construction companies, power generation plants, and oil and gas industry, and events management solution. Instead of purchasing mammoth generators which come loaded with a lot of accessories, it’s best if generators are hired for covering a special event or during any extraordinary energy crisis. Therefore, QER is the best place for getting construction equipment on rental in Dubai.

Be Aware of Your Hybrid Cars’ Care

Be Aware of Your Hybrid Cars’ Care

Toyota Corolla Hybrid

As the leading auto service in Dubai, we have analyzed the latest model of hybrid Toyota Corolla. You will learn about new features and most importantly – about opting for the best hybrid auto repair in Dubai.

Features of the New Hybrid Model

The new Hybrid Synergy Drive of Toyota has been upgraded when compared with its previous models. The fuel consumption is loads smoother and has become a quiet process. On the other hand, the throttle response has only gotten better and is consistent with any good quality electric car. The gas motor was off for most parts of driving in Dubai and the cat-like purring was next to being idle. You want to try the new Toyota Corolla after reading all this, right? We too could barely keep our excitement especially when it comes to auto service in Dubai.

Horse Power, Extra Jolts and Loud Charging

Just like the Prius model, our technicians were quick to point out the similar 1.8 four-cylinder and 53-kW electric motor and when combined then the horsepower production is 121. Yes – it is a far cry from the previous regular which has a 169 horsepower. Our technicians are of the view that this hybrid model gives a jolt because of the electricity; however, you will need a lot of patience while charging on highways and just bear the loud droning noise of the engine. Similar loud charging was found in the previous Corolla Model but it did not come with extra jolting moves for auto repair in Dubai.

Benefit of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Serious problems can be prevented by regular services not just for a Hybrid Toyota Corolla but also for every other car. This will help in safeguarding the resale value of your hybrid car. Regular services also act as a check for ensuring the health of your car’s fuel consumption is positive!

On top of an exquisite service, a regular service at Orange Auto will ensure that the resale price of your ride is maximized through regular hybrid vehicle maintenance services! Consider the service of your car at our garage as an investment because we only use genuine parts and approved lubricants.

Tip for Purchasing Tires in Dubai

Only buy tires which have been manufactured recently and the same goes for hybrid cars as well. We share the manufacturing date with our clients. Unlike local shops which sell expired tires, we focus on providing you fresh tires in market. They not only last long but they are also safe to use. Your safety is our top priority.

Tires in Stock

You can purchase tires in Dubai from Orange Auto while staying at home through our online tire store. You will find a huge variety of tires. We stock tires of Yamaha, Bridgestone, Hankook, Kumho, Marshal, Yokohama, Nexen, Kenda, Dunlop and so on. We only deal with the top companies in market and only stock fresh tires. So you can order them online without worrying about getting an expired tire. We offer multiple options of secure payment for your convenience like PayTabs, Visa and MasterCard.

Tips for Selecting Your Paint Color

Tips for Selecting Your Paint Color

Painting the interior of your house can become a challenging task as deciding the right colors in itself consumes a lot of time. As painting contractors in the UAE, we have prepared tips for selecting the right paint color. Our suggestions will ensure that the house painting will be everything that you dreamed of and much more!

Find the Best Existing Piece

Find an exquisite piece that you really love.

It could be anything – bed linen, floral design or even any natural woodwork. This could be the jumping point of your wall painting.

The next step is to analyze that which color will complement this design the most? Do you see anything that would work as a contrast? Anything that you could match it with? What else could possibly highlight the best characteristics of the color that you have selected?

You will come up with numerous shades to work with. If it is a new house then look for an inspirational design online or in magazines and so on.

Make the Most of Color Wheel

A color wheel is a popular basic tool to analyze which color would complement or contrast best with each other. Every painting contractor has a bunch of color wheels so don’t forget to get hold of its copy! It is a great way of assessing if any color clashes with the other or not.

Do not skip this step even if you are getting painting services for a casual makeover. It will help in avoiding mistakes and finding classy options. 

If in Doubt – Choose Neutral Shades

Neutral shades have the most calming effect for indoor paint colors as they have a soothing appearance. They help in drawing the attention to other major props in the house like the wooden flooring or the furniture, murals, vase and so on.

Neutral shades enhance the presence and appearance of other items without drawing attention to them. Commonly used neutral shades are grays, creamy shades and soft whites.

Natural lighting works best in neutral colors. Ask for pictures of interiors with neutral colors from the painting company that you have hired.

Go for Easy Monochromatic Options

Monochromatic color palettes are widely used for interior house painting.

A single color is selected for a room and its multiple shades are used on each wall to create an artistic effect. Combinations of dark and light shades of the same color are used.

Dark colors can be used for areas that are exposed to a lot of light and the lighter shades can be applied on dark corners of the room. Such wall painting ensures that everything matches in a harmonious and stylish manner.

Overload of Colors

Never opt for multiple different colors otherwise they will become distracting and will end up stealing the thunder of your furniture. The use of numerous colors results in creating a cluttered and overwhelming appearance that becomes downright unpleasant to look at.

So stick to two or three colors at most for a particular room otherwise the painting services you booked will be of no use at all.

There are a lot of painting companies in the UAE that you could consult for your painting project. We urge our readers to visit us for a free consultation during normal business hours. We look forward to meeting you soon!